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Terms & Conditions:

Please ensure all the below terms and conditions are followed when hiring from Jaimies Castles and a responsible adult over the age of 18 must be supervising the inflatable at all times to ensure it is being used safely and the T&C's are being followed.

Inflatables can only be used on REAL GRASS if going outside , this is due to us having to peg the equipment into the ground to safely secure it. Soft play is fine as this does not need pegging ( inflatable ball pits need pegging)

Equipment can only be used in private gardens or venues. No communal areas such as communal gardens , parks etc.

None of the equipment hired by Jaimies Castles should be used by Adults or anyone over the age of 12.

Equipment will only be collected by the person who delivered the equipment or a member of staff in Jaimies castles uniform NEVER let anyone else leave with the equipment. If your are ever in doubt please contact us on 07490496844. The Hiree is responsible for the equipment until Jaimies Castles have collected.

No face-paints, party-poppers, coloured streamers, confetti balloons, glitter or glitter tattoos, confetti, coloured tissue paper or 'silly string' or anything which can stain the equipment to be used near or on any of the equipment hired from Jaimies Castles.

Children using Jaimies Castles bouncy castles should be no taller than the walls of the castle. Check the side of the bouncy castle for how many children can use it.

The inflatable must be fully secured to the ground at all times with the pegs Jaimies Castles have put in during use and never moved from where a member or staff has set it up. This will void all insurance and be unsafe.

Jaimies Castles will ultimately decide the safest place for your equipment to go. This is to ensure all hazards are taken into account and the equipment can be used safely.

If you have booked soft play for outdoor use and it's forecast to rain/raining then a gazebo with sides will need to be ready for when we arrive to set up or the soft play will need to be used inside your home. The ground will need to be dry for the soft play to be used outside.

All shoes, badges, jewellery, belts, glasses, contact lenses and any sharp objects must be removed before using the inflatables and soft play.

No smoking or fire/Flame of any sort on or near the inflatables hired from Jaimies Castles. No water to be used on the equipment by hose, swimming pools, ect. No sand on the equipment.

No climbing, hanging or sitting on the walls of the inflatables hired from Jaimies Castles. Please make sure the responsible adult stops the children from doing this. Please also keep the children away from the fan at the back of the castle.

We need side access , outside the house via a gate / alleyway only.

If a member of Jaimies Castles has to go through/ inside any property including garages, utility rooms, sheds , houses etc and any damage happens due to taking the equipment through , Jaimies Castles takes no responsibility. This is a risk the customer takes or we will refuse the delivery.

Please make sure access is clear ready for delivery and collection as we are on a tight schedule and need immediate access. We may have to turn it down if we can not get access straight away.

No food or drink on any of the equipment hired from Jaimies Castles.

No pens/ paints / chalk or anything similar to be used on or around the equipment.

Absolutely no animals are allowed on any of the equipment. This can cause damage.

Keep the soft play on the floor mats provided/ on grass. Please don't use the soft play to sit on or eat on

Ensure the inflatable is not overcrowded as this will be dangerous for the users and damage could occur. The amount of children an inflatable can hold is written on the inflatable.

Try to avoid large children and small children from using the equipment at the same time.

Do not allow children to jump or play around the entrance/Steps or exit of the inflatable. This area is designed for entering and exiting only and accidents can occur.

In the event of rain, it is recommended that the inflatable be evacuated and left inflated. Once the rain has died down you can use towels to dry the inflatable, so it is then safe to use.

In hot weather please ensure anyone using the equipment has socks on and the skin is covered where needed to avoid friction burns ( mainly on slides)

We advise always having arms and legs covered when using inflatables with slides or where friction can occur.

Any issues that may arise during the party please contact Jaimies castles immediately on 07490496844. Do not try to rectify yourself.

Please note anyone using the equipment does so at their own risk. The hiree will be liable for any accidents or injury caused as a result of misuse or reckless use. These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment and is the sole responsibility of the hiree to ensure they are adhered to. Jaimies castles accepts no responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment.

The responsible adult must watch for careless or reckless behavior at all times and remove any children misusing the equipment.

Ensure that the vent on the side of the blower is kept clear at all times and never covered as it sucks air In.

Do not use the inflatable in high winds, turn off and call Jaimies Castles immediately should you suspect the winds are too high.

Please have the equipment ready for collection in the same state as it was delivered to you. Please ensure no equipment is lost or damaged and all soft play sets are complete.

Please ensure all balls are back in the bags by the time Jaimies Castles arrives to collect.

If the equipment hired is left in a dirty condition including face paint, food, glitter ect, you will be charged ( price depends on how dirty the item is) a fee per inflatable/item, upon collecting for cleaning. No excuses and no exceptions. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair then you will receive a bill for the replacement of the equipment . Jaimies castles prefers the inflatable to be left on until collection so the inflatable can be checked before wrapping it up.

We have the right to cancel any booking by telling you if we deem this necessary, this is very unlikely but on occasions we will like, Heavy Rain, Wind speed or Gust speed being over 24mph, Location being too small or un safe, Unsuitable area/place to safely leave the equipment.

If Jaimies Castles it left waiting to gain access to a venue or garden for longer than 15 minutes we may have to refuse delivery and leave as this impacts other customers. Full payment will still be required.

If your venue has a height barrier please make sure this is open prior to our arrival as we need to get as close to the venue as possible with heavy equipment.

If the venue has no parking / parking restrictions and we have to park on double yellows, private roads etc and a parking fine is issued you will be liable to pay. We have to park as close to the venue as possible so please ensure there is adequate parking.

In the event of electrical failure such as the buildings electrics not being sufficient or a power cut, unfortunately no refunds will be made.

Any loss or damage caused while the equipment is on hire will be the hirees responsibility and we will invoice the hiree to pay for the loss or damage, failing to pay will result in a soliciters letter, court then enforcement. Any extra costs incurred will be added if the Hiree fails to pay.

Please have CASH ready on delivery or the balance settled before hand via bank transfer or Paypal - no payment - no equipment.

If the hiree cancels on arrival or we have to cancel the booking for any reason ON Arrival, (i.e if the area is not big enough or the Garden is dirty) we will charge you the full hire fee for loss of hire, loss of time, and wages.

Please make Jaimies Castles aware of any underground pipes or wires as we will not be held responsible for any damage while pegging in to the ground. If the equipment needs to be taken through a house Jaimies castles accepts no responsibility for any damage caused in the property while doing this.

If the booking is cancelled by us ( high winds/ unsafe weather) or yourselves , we will be happy to transfer your booking and any payment made to a future date once. All pre-paid / booking fees are non-refundable; however the booking can be transferred to a later date up to a year once.

If you are cancelling with in a month of the booking a refund will not be made of any monies paid and we will require a payment of 50% if there is a balance owed. This is due to the equipment being reserved to you only and we will be at a loss, parties are planned in advance and we won't be able to re hire the equipment in that time frame.

If you have a booking and wish to change what you have booked to something of a lower value with in a month of your booking ,the booking fee for that item is not transferable to your new booking. You will have to make a new booking and pay a booking fee. This is due to the item you have booked being reserved to you so no one else can book it so we loose out financially as a business.

If you are cancelling with in 2 weeks of the booking you will be required to pay the full amount of the remaining balance. This is because we staff our days according to the amount of jobs we have, should these be cancelled at the last minute we still have staff costs , we will also have loaded the vans and planned the routes so will need to re arrange the whole day.

If you cancel on the day or up to 24hrs before your event then full payment will be needed as always but it is Jaimies Castles discretion if we allow the booking to be moved to another date. This is due to the job already being loaded on the van and staff already being paid for your job.

You can move any bookings once up to a year if you need to cancel , the cancellation policy still applies with regards to any money owed.

Please make sure the equipment will fit in required space before booking. Measurements can be found on the website. If the equipment does not fit on arrival then the full balance will need to be paid to cover costs.

Jaimies castle will have the final decision on every matter.

Equipment refers to any item that has been hired from Jaimies Castles.

A responsible adult refers to a capable adult over the age of 18 that is able to make sure all the terms and conditions are followed. The responsible adult should be the Hiree, if the Hiree cannot supervise the equipment for any reason they should appoint another responsible adult to supervise. The equipment is still the Hirees responsibility at all times. We or Us refers to Jaimies Castles. Jaimies Castles is the owner, or any persons employed or working for Jaimies Castles. Children refers to any person under the age of 12. Adult refers to any person over the age of 18.

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