Looking after the equipment 


We pride ourselves in providing clean , tidy , modern equipment. The only way we can continue to do this is if it’s looked after when on hire. 


  • No adults on any of the equipment. 
  • No Shoes 
  • No eating or drinking on the equipment
  • No using hosepipes or wearing wet clothing on the equipment. As fun as this sounds it’s dangerous and causes it to get caked in mud.
  • No Glitter, this includes festival glitter style face paint.
  • No silly string , confetti, coloured streamers , confetti filled balloons, piñatas etc near or on any of the equipment.
  • No pens , pencils, crayons, paint or anything similar near or on the equipment.
  • Facepaint is to be wiped off immediately should any get on the equipment as this stains.
  • No using the softplay as seating , to eat on, to scrape along the floor etc as this damages it for others.
  • No Sharp objects 
  • No fire or heat around or on the equipment.
  • No jumping/Hanging on the roof, walls etc of the equipment. 

We ask that all equipment is collected in the same condition it was delivered in, should it need a wipe and a sweep we ask you do this before we collect.  Should the equipment be really dirty on collection or Damaged we will have to issue a cleaning charge.


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