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Getting ready for delivery

We are sure by now the kids are bursting with excitement for our arrival.

Here is a handy document we have created in order for the delivery and installation process to run as smoothly as possible for our delivery team and you.

The equipment is very heavy and we use a trolley to move it.

Please ensure the garden is clear and free of debris and dogs mess ready for set up.

Please ensure the access/ Alley to the garden is clear and all bins , tools etc are moved out of the way so we can access quickly and efficiently.

Please ensure any vehicles that are blocking or limiting the access to your gate are moved before our arrival . ( We need to be able to wheel a trolley from our van to the garden )

Please ensure any garden furniture or trampolines etc are moved prior to our arrival

Please ensure all Dogs are kept indoors when we set up. We have very heavy equipment that can fall and cause injury.

We absolutely love chatting to the excited birthday boy or girl, however please just remind them to keep a safe distance from the delivery team when setting up, as again the equipment is heavy and can fall and cause injury. Also when we are banging in the pegs the hammers are large and we have to take a swing at the pegs and would hate to swing back and hit them. We will set up as fast as we can and always give them the go ahead once the equipment is safe to use.

We will need access to a mains plug socket when we are setting up, we will bring an extension lead. We must plug direct into the mains.

If you can where possible, allow us to park as close to the property as we can. We are usually running to a strict time schedule and any set backs affect the next customers booking.

Picking up

When it comes to collecting the equipment please have the access clear, Cars moved and again please ensure the children/ Animals keep a safe distance when we are moving the equipment as it is so heavy.

You will receive a time slot during the day for collection so you can be prepared for our arrival.

Thanks for your understanding, we want everything to run as smoothly as possible on the day and we want to be able to deliver the best possible service to all our customers.

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