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Payment, Cancellation and bad weather policy

For school events or Christmas bookings please see the seasonal section at the bottom as this applies to these bookings only


We require you to pay a 20% deposit/booking fee to secure your booking, this is to secure the date you have booked & the equipment that you have booked, this means that no one else can book that equipment. We don't refund deposits/booking fees, as a lot of work goes on behind the scenes in order for your booking to go ahead.


Please have CASH ready if you are paying on delivery. If you are paying via bank transfer or Paypal this needs to be done up to the evening before your booking at the latest. This is so we can update all payments for the deliveries the next day, we do not carry card machines so can only take cash on delivery

If there is no payment ready on delivery then we have the right to refuse the booking.

If the hiree cancels on arrival or we have to cancel the booking for any reason ON Arrival, (i.e if the area is not big enough or the Garden is dirty, access is bad , too many steps that we have not been told about, no real grass etc ) we will charge you the full hire fee for loss of hire, loss of time, and wages.


We never cancel a booking , we only rearrange. If the booking can not go ahead due to high winds / unsafe weather , we will be happy to transfer your booking and any payment made to a future date, however this can only be transferred once. You have a year to re book before you loose any money paid.

If you are cancelling due to rain / rain forecast then you will need to make the payment in full as per our 2 week cancellation policy , then you can move this booking , once, up to a year .

Unfortunately we do not control the weather and we would always advise you to book an indoor venue should you be worried about the weather affecting your hire or have a back up plan in place such as switching to soft play/ games in your home. Should it rain during your hire , again this is out of our control and no refund will be made. The risk to hire outside is ultimately your decision. We will only rearrange the date if the rain is torrential, inflatables can still be used if there is light showers forecast throughout the day. The wind has to be under 24mph gusts in order for inflatables to go outside.

Soft Play can not be used outside in any rain at all and you will need to either have the soft play inside your home or a large gazebo with sides and a sheeted floor in bad weather, if neither of these is possible you will need to rearrange your booking to a future date.


If you are cancelling with in a month of the booking a refund will not be made of any monies paid and we will require 50% payment of any balance owed . This is due to the equipment being reserved to you only and we will be at a loss, parties are planned in advance and it is rare to be able to re hire the equipment in that time frame.


If you have a booking and wish to change what you have booked to something of a lower value with in a month of your booking ,the booking fee for that item is not transferable to your new booking. You will have to make a new booking and pay a booking fee. This is due to the item you have booked being reserved to you so no one else can book it so we loose out financially as a business. We are happy for you to change your booking to something of a similar value.


If you are cancelling with in 2 weeks of the booking you will be required to pay the full balance remaining. This is because we staff our days according to the amount of jobs we have, should these be cancelled at the last minute we still have staff costs , we will also have turned away other customers and depending on how close the job is we will have loaded the vans and planned the routes so will need to re arrange the whole day.


If you cancel on the day or up to 24hrs before your event then full payment will be needed as always but it is Jaimies Castles discretion if we allow the booking to be moved to another date. This is due to the job already being loaded on the van and staff already being paid for your job.


You can move any booking once up to a year in advance , the cancellation policy still applies with regards to any money owed. We will not allow a booking/ deposit to be moved/ transferred if it is cancelled with in 2 weeks and not paid for in full. If you then need to move the booking a second time and money paid already will be forfeited and you will need to place a new booking.


Any abuse to any member of Jaimies Castles or Abuse of the equipment will result in immediate cancellation and no refunds will be made.

Seasonal bookings / School Events

Bookings where we only get a short time frame to hire items such as School fairs , School Leavers parties , Christmas items etc have a slightly different policy due to the demand for these items in such a short time frame.

Seasonal Christmas items can not be transferred should you cancel, as these are seasonal and we only have 1 month of the year to hire these items. You will loose any money paid for these items and the above cancellation policies still apply to the balance due.

Schools must have a wet/ windy weather back up plan in place when hiring equipment from us. Lots of schools have large indoor halls which fit inflatables and we will expect to be able to utilise these should the weather be wet or windy on the date of your event.

Should your booking have to be postponed due to wet/ windy weather , and you can not fit inflatables inside due to the hall being too small ( we can confirm measurements) , we allow the booking to be transferred up to 3 months from the date of your event. This is due to us still having to pay staff for the event, turning down other schools who will of gone inside and not affected by weather and often lots of inflatables are booked which has a huge financial impact on us as they could not be hired to anyone else.

Should you cancel the School event for any other reason other than the weather, then again the booking can only be transferred up to 3 months from the date of your event and we will require payment as per the above payment Terms.

Moving bookings are subject to availability.

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